Sunday, February 6, 2011

Toku Actor Photospam: Tori Matsuzaka

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Once again, I'm posting some of the photos I've collected of a toku actor. This week, it's Takeru Shiba, Shinken Red, tono-sama, Tori Matsuzaka! Takeru is easily my favorite Red, and I liked Tori right away thanks to how interesting he made him. However, what really sold me on Tori was taking a look at his blog and seeing what a fun guy he was.

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He's been steadily working since Shinkenger, so I've got a good variety of pictures saved. Take a look at them by clicking on the cut.

First up, I have some shots from his first photobook. He looks a good bit younger in a lot of the shots, but I believe this came out in 2009, while Shinkenger was airing.

It's a fun photobook with a lot of good stuff. You can take at look at everything in it here.

He did a good bit of modeling work before he joined the cast of Shinkenger, which means that you can also see him selling suits.

He looks so little in some of these.

And speaking of little Tori!

Here are some shots in which I believe he's channeling his Legend of the Galactic Heroes character.

And here he is channeling his inner Kiva~

I love that manga picture.

That mustache hat is pretty great too.

I love this picture because it looks like the two of them swapped hairstyles.

A bunch of random shots with him and Shinkenger cast members.

For some reason I find that last picture hilarious. "What's up? Not much, just reading about myself in FINE BOYS magazine".

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Lots of blog shots. I have no idea why I like pictures with food in them so much. 

Few more random shots. If you'd like to take a look at Tori Matsuzaka's blog yourself, it's right here


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I ♥ Tori!

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