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Rewatching Kamen Rider W: Episode Four

So here's where the last episode left us: Philip is plagued by his lack of memories of his family, which gave Money the chance to get in an attack and escape. Akiko has successfully managed to find and infiltrate Million Colosseo. Now, let's see what happens next.

This is why I love you, W.

Akiko hasn't really gotten a chance to shine until this arc, and it's a lot of fun seeing her stand up for justice armed with only a slipper. I know a lot of people dislike her character, but I think she's adorable and hilarious.

Philip agrees with me!

I've wondered how much Kirihiko really knew about what he was getting into with marrying Saeko. I've had the impression that he was just psyched the the boss' hot daughter was into him and didn't have a clue as to how messed up the Sonozaki family really was. Of course, I don't think blowing off Saeko would've worked out for him either.

Of course, that doesn't match up with what he's saying here, but I think Kirihiko is a good enough salesman to read the situation and act accordingly. Wakana is a much less terrifying opponent than Ryuubee too, at least at this point in the game.

narumi akiko

Meanwhile, Akiko has been found out and has called in Philip the Supergenius and Shoutarou the Unreliable (her words, not mine). Also, she disapproves of Money's shenanigans.

Santa-Chan! I've missed you. I like that he contributed to Shou and Philip's victory, in his own Santa-Chan way.


For some reason, when I first watched this, I assumed he was going to be some really random one-off character. He works so much better as a regular part of Fuuto, and I'm glad I was wrong about him.

It's a good thing Akiko isn't here to hear you say that, Shou.

Poor Shou. I really feel for him here. To him, I think useless is one of the worst things he could be. I like that he's mostly just shown as concerned here though, in spite of the fact that he's probably not feeling great about himself.

This line is honestly heartbreaking to hear after seeing all of W. I think Ryubee really believes what he's saying right here, too.

Oh Philip and Akiko. You two have such little faith.

shotaro gif

That Shou chooses Old Maid as his game is brilliant in and of itself, but the way he delivers the line is what really sells it for me.

I like that there wasn't some magical turnaround and Shou winds up struggling here in spite of his initial bravado. That Shou is willing to keep trying and fighting even when it seems useless is what is one of the many things I love about his character.

I also really like that Akiko's unexpected burst of faith in Shouis what gave him the idea he needed to save the day.

kamen rider gifs

Amazing. I need to make a bigger version of this gif, though.

renn kiriyama

Shou's idea was a pretty great one, and it's a bit of a shame that they didn't use the DoubleDrive like this more often. It's a really interesting way to play with the two in one Kamen Rider concept. 

kamen rider

See? Adorable. 

Bromance doesn't get much better than this, folks. 

akiko w

This isn't money, Akiko! It's made out of people!

Meanwhile, back at the Sonozaki wedding, Saeko and Kirihiko are getting their smooch on. But who cares about that when WE GET TO SEE NASCA!!!!!

Oh Nasca. You were worth waiting for. <3

I really like all the people watching. Makes me think about what it'd be like to live in a city with a superhero. 

Ah, the Sonozaki family portrait. It would've been hilarious if they'd had Terror holding Smilodon here. 

luna metal

Luna/Metal isn't my favorite form from an aesthetic standpoint, but damn, this is cool. 

Anyways, once Philip is able to get past his family weakness, W is able to defeat Money pretty handily. The graphic may look a bit silly here, but it's a very sweet sentiment, and I feel like the family that you make for yourself is a driving force behind W.

kamen rider w

This is a really cute end to the episode. Philip looks so happy here. 

Tune in next time to find out if Kamen Rider W is a deadbeat dad! Thanks for reading~


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I love this show so much. Thanks for the screencaps! I liked reading your thoughts on this great show.

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