Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gokaiger has episode descriptions! Gokaiger has episode descriptions!

sentai gokaiger

I have been extremely excited about Gokaiger for a while now. I'm not sure what it is. The pirate theme is cool, sure, and Captain Marvelous is one of the best names ever, but neither of those seem enough to explain the level of excitement that I have.

But now that these episode descriptions are released, all my enthusiasm is starting to make a little more sense. Sticking them under a cut just so that no one sees them if they'd rather be surprised.

Rewatching Kamen Rider W: Episode One

cyclone joker

Kamen Rider W is probably my favorite Kamen Rider series of all time. I say probably only because I've watched the series from start to finish just once. There are quite a few episodes I've seen two or more times, but watching your favorite episodes over and over isn't the same thing as watching it from beginning to end all over again.

Recently, (thanks to Over-Time) I was able to watch Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z, which takes place between episodes 44 and 45 of the show. Since the movie was in theaters at the time the show was airing, I just had to read spoilers to figure out what had happened in between. So, I'm starting W all over again, and this time, I'll watch the entire thing, movies and all, as it was originally intended. And along the way, I'll post general thoughts and things I missed the first time around.

Join me as I ride with the devil all over again~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fanart Collection: Nasca


I have a ridiculous amount of fanart, so I figured every so often, I could post my favorite pictures of a Tokusatsu character or show. Today, I've picked Nasca/Kirihiko from Kamen Rider W. There's something about him that feels really special to me. Part of it's his spectacular design, but the character really captured my interest too, and I would've loved to have seen more of him.

Pictures are under the cut! If you haven't seen Kamen Rider W, beware, as some of these are a bit spoiler-y.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Juukou B-Fighter, Episode 1: "It's Insect Warriors!!"

big bad beetleborgs

Recently, Hinotori Fansubs began subbing Juukou B-Fighter, the show that provided the fight scene footage for the first season of Big Bad Beetleborgs. I wasn't a particularly big fan of Beetleborgs, but I watched it because it was similar to Power Rangers, and that's all I needed in those days. In spite of that, there's something about seeing where the show came from that's appealing to me. My clearest memories of it are the guy with the Jay Leno chin and the strange way in which they re-casted the main female character, so I can't do much to compare the two shows, but I was interested in seeing what it's like all the same.

juukou b-fighter

On Juukou B-Fighter, Earth has been invaded by an alien race that intends to enslave humanity. A group named Earth Academia is working to create suits that will allow them to fight back against the invaders, but are struggling to get the working properly. A strange creature named Sage Guru infuses the suits with the life force of insects, and each suit chooses its master. Juuukou!

sage guru

This is Sage Guru. That should give you an idea of the sort of show this is.

A short recap and gifs under the cut!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Toku Actor Photospam: Sato Yuuki

kamen rider gatack

Today, I'll be posting pictures of the man who, every morning, before a mirror, washes his face! Our friend Kagaaaaaaaaami! Sato Yuuki, who also went by Sato Tomohito for a while, is someone I've really liked since I first saw him in Kabuto. I think it's his goofy, regular guy personality.

sato yuukisato yuki

A lot of what I have of his are pictures from his old and new blogs, but that works because I feel like they show off his personality better than photoshoots. I sadly don't have either of his photobooks, but if someone sees this and knows where I can get them, I'd appreciate the tip!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

GARO: First Impressions

GARO intro
Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns... yet by the blade of Knights, mankind was given hope.

I've been meaning to watch GARO for a good while now. Lots of people have positive things to say about it, so that's a plus, but it was the announcement of the GARO SH Figuarts that really pushed me over the edge. Getting into a show through toys has done me well in the past, so I hope the trend continues with GARO. So far I'm 5 episodes in and really enjoying it, although it's not quite what I expected.

For those of you who haven't heard of GARO, it's an adult tokusatsu series, or a "Hyper Midnight Action Drama". It follows a young man, Kouga, who inherited the title of Makai Knight. He must fight to protect humans from demonic creatures known as Horrors. It was created by Keita Amemiya, who directed the Kamen Rider J and ZO movies, but it's not that similar to Kamen Rider once you get past the "guy henshins and fights monsters" bit.

Mika Hijii

It does, however, feature a couple Kamen Rider actors. Mika Hijii, (pictured above) who was on Kamen Rider Blade, plays the main female character. Even on Blade, there's something about her that I find inherently likable, and it's really neat to see her in a bigger role.

Ryohei Odai

And Kamen Rider's resident super lawyer, Shuichi Kitaoka, makes an appearance in episode 5! Ryohei Odai mostly works as a voice actor, so I'd never seen him in anything besides Ryuki. It took me a while to figure out was him, but I was really excited once I realized it. He's one of my favorite characters in Ryuki, and it was a really fun surprise. I already know at least one other Kamen Rider actor will be showing up later, and I'm really psyched for that.

I have some thoughts the GARO episodes I've seen so far, as well as some gifs. I'll try to keep the spoilers really mild, so feel free to click if you haven't watched the show yet.

Friday, January 14, 2011

You Count the Medals One Two and Three

Life goes on, anything goes, coming up OOO!

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