Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gokaiger has episode descriptions! Gokaiger has episode descriptions!

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I have been extremely excited about Gokaiger for a while now. I'm not sure what it is. The pirate theme is cool, sure, and Captain Marvelous is one of the best names ever, but neither of those seem enough to explain the level of excitement that I have.

But now that these episode descriptions are released, all my enthusiasm is starting to make a little more sense. Sticking them under a cut just so that no one sees them if they'd rather be surprised.

Ep 1: Space Pirates Appear! 
In the past, the 34 Super Sentai defended the Earth against Space Empire Zangyakku. The soldiers of legend lost their powers during this battle, but through their sacrifice, Zangyakku was able to be repelled from the Earth.

Ep 2: The Worth of this Planet 
The Space Empire Zangyakku begins their second invasion of Earth. They set up their fleet headquarters between the Earth and the Moon. On the other hand, Marvelous and co. are told by Navi to "start their treasure hunt on Earth by finding people with black clothes." However, because of Navi's rough navigation, they are having a bit of trouble doing that. Coincidentally, in front of them appears a man.

Ep 3: Change Courage into Magic ~Maji ・Maji ・ Gou ・ Goukai~ 
GoukaiGalleon has a midair collision with a Zangyakku battleship, sending the battleship into a firey crash. GoukaiGalleon is forced to make an emergency landing as well. Before they know it, the team is under the attack of Kodou Taichou Salamandam, and the five are blown off by an eruption he causes. When they come to, they once again meet the mystery man, but who is he really?

Treasure hunting! Traveling to the worlds of other sentai! This is some pretty great stuff, people. I'm especially psyched that Magiranger stuff is occurring early on, as I have a random Mystic Force toy I found at my Salvation Army. At least one actor from the original show is confirmed to be reprising their role. 

Gokaiger premieres on February 13, and I can't wait. 



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