Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fanart Collection: Nasca


I have a ridiculous amount of fanart, so I figured every so often, I could post my favorite pictures of a Tokusatsu character or show. Today, I've picked Nasca/Kirihiko from Kamen Rider W. There's something about him that feels really special to me. Part of it's his spectacular design, but the character really captured my interest too, and I would've loved to have seen more of him.

Pictures are under the cut! If you haven't seen Kamen Rider W, beware, as some of these are a bit spoiler-y.

kamen rider nasca

kamen rider w nasca

nasca dopant

nazca dopant


kamen rider nazca

kamen rider w nazca

kirihiko kamen rider

nasca w

nazca w

nasca fanart

nazca fanart

kamen rider fanart

kamen rider wallpaper


chibi nasca

characters kamen rider w

figuarts nasca




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