Sunday, January 23, 2011

Toku Actor Photospam: Sato Yuuki

kamen rider gatack

Today, I'll be posting pictures of the man who, every morning, before a mirror, washes his face! Our friend Kagaaaaaaaaami! Sato Yuuki, who also went by Sato Tomohito for a while, is someone I've really liked since I first saw him in Kabuto. I think it's his goofy, regular guy personality.

sato yuukisato yuki

A lot of what I have of his are pictures from his old and new blogs, but that works because I feel like they show off his personality better than photoshoots. I sadly don't have either of his photobooks, but if someone sees this and knows where I can get them, I'd appreciate the tip!

I would also like to know what he had purple hair for! I think this picture is from 2007.

sato tomohitoyuuki sato

He had another blog for a while in between this one and his current one, but it was taken offline when he switched agencies, and I've sadly lost most of my photos from it.

yuki satotomohito sato

You can find his older blog here, and it's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan.

kabuto actorspunchhopper kickhopper

Another great thing about blog pictures is how often behind the scenes pictures are posted.

kabuto behind the sceneskamen rider kabuto

In my mind, all toku actors are the best of friends, and this helps to back up my delusions.

sato yuki magazine

These are some shots from one of the oldest Sato Yuki photoshoots I have. It's from Act Mini Volume 7.

sato tomohito magazine

sato yuuki magazine

act mini volume 7

Click to see them full size!

sato yuki scans

And here are some more recent photoshoots, all from magazines. He's had the facial hair for a while now, and I think it suits him pretty well!

sato tomohito kamen rider

sato tomohito voice

sato yuki namechange

sato yuki tomohito

tomohito sato

Once again, click for full size.

sato tomohito blog

And, to finish things off, here are a few more blog shots.

tomohito sato blog

yuuki sato blog

sato yuki blog

You can see his new blog, which has many more pictures, here!


Knegative January 28, 2011 at 10:36 PM  

The juicebox pic is so adorable ;;

I was wondering who that was when you posted it, at that place~

The Masked Ndi January 29, 2011 at 11:02 AM  

He really likes to do cute pictures with food. ^^ There's a lot of cute stuff like that on his blog.

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