Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fanart Collection: Psyga

kamen rider psyga

Psyga is one of those characters who is cooler than he has any right to be. Maybe it's the English, maybe it's his awesome design, maybe it's just the jetpack. All I know is that he made a pretty big impact on me in spite of his limited screentime. It doesn't hurt that Paradise Lost is one of my very favorite rider movies. I know he did get some real background in an S.I.C. Hero Saga story, and that is something I'll definitely check out one of these days.

Since he's a pretty minor character, the amount of artwork featuring him is limited, but here's what I have.

psyga sprite


psyga fanart

kamen rider psyga fanart

kamen rider psyga fan art

kamen rider psyga wallpaper

555 psyga

315 psyga

kamen rider saiga

faiz psyga

faiz movie riders


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